The (young) Michalski's

We are the 'Young' Michalski's. There are others, I just figured we could claim the 'Young' title . We are a happy little family, with our three kids and my high-school sweetheart as my husband.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I hope you all liked how long my 'summer' went on...

O.k. so it is FAll. I spent some of this evening outside at a soccer practice for Andrew, it's COLD! YA, ya, all you Winnipegers say "boo hoo", but the truth is that BC's cold is bone chilling. The prairie 'cold' usually involves the sun still shinning, and the only thing that reminds you that you should not lick the flag pole is the fact that you are oddly aware of your nostril hairs. (they are frozen!) So there. And "no" I have not ventured out in a blizzard in minus 40 degree weather... if I had, my analogy would probably be a tad different. I just finished another jag of working everyday for the last 4 weeks. Money is a helpful thing. One of the items I'll be helping to pay for is a huge picture window. A couple of weeks ago the boys were practicing their golf swing in the backyard, they do have 'wiffle' golf balls but I guess Andy ran out of those and found one of his 'real' ones. He made a great swing, the ball went flying, hit a nearby bird bath and deflected into one of the four 5.5 feet by 5.8 feet ocean facing picture windows. (The boys have since realized that the window will cost more than 2 new xbox 360's...Andrew said to me the other day, "I wish I hadn't broken that window" this was out of the blue and terribly cute.) My sweet hubby has been very busy at work, they have recently hired some new staff so that will help lighten the load soon, which will be much needed. He's thinking that maybe when my brother-in-law gets back up here that they should play some hockey together on Friday nights. Did you hear that? Who's moving back up here? Oh, yeah...MY SISTER and family are moving back here December 1st! How fun. I found a suite for them to rent...1/2 a km from our house. Super Fun. It will be so great for the kids to be able to be so much a part of each others lives. What a blessing.
Brendan and Andrew are continuing to be awesome runners! It's pretty exciting to see. They have finished up their fall season of cross country and had a recent Terry Fox run with the school. (Chloe was able to run in that as well, she was the first girl back in the group of K/GR1! : ) All the kids are in Soccer this season. It makes Saturdays pretty full of one thing, but it's great seeing each of them playing. They are all enjoying their new classes, Brendan Gr.4, Andrew GR.2 and Chloe K. (She's loving school, and wishing she could go longer like the boys and wishing she could have play dates everyday as well.)
Kelly and I were running again, but lately the weather and the fact that the sun is rising and setting alot quicker,makes it hard to fit in outside runs together. What we have been doing for the past five weeks is going to 'kickboxing' class! It's quite fun. Something I wouldn't have picked out of the blue to do on my own, but with a couple of friends...lots of fun. I'm doing it with Kelly and Laura. You'd better be careful if you try to cross us! We've got some new and very effective moves! I showed my guy some the other night and asked if he was impressed...he said "I'm a bit scared". Teeeheee.
So, there ya go for another...who knows how long this will have to last. Sorry. Kisses to you all.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer is finally here!

So June was a very busy month with working at the university for two departments and recruiting counselors for teen a thousand birthdays in my family..the end of the school year for my kids...
my sister and family arriving...being hit in the ANKLE with a baseball...(oh ya that's right...AGAIN I was unable to fulfill my goal..TC10km ~ I have learnt my lesson and will NOT play ball till AFTER the run next year!)...hmmmm what am I forgetting...Lacross tournaments for both boys every weekend of the month....

and a really sweet concert, Gwen Staffani!

It'a been alot of fun! I will chat again soon...(Ryan I will do my best to fulfill that pledge!) : ) Enjoy the Sunshine!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh, Hi! It's been a while... are you? I know it's been a while. Sorry. I seem to be waiting for something really funny or profound to happen before I write a new post... Maybe too, I've been too busy. One thing I'm soooo excited about is the fact that my sister and family will be back for a visit in Canada in...3 1/2 weeks. This period of time that we've been apart has been the longest in our lives. It will have been 1 year 3 1/2 months. And for a couple of girls who really like one another, not just because she's my sister, that my friend is way to long! Our kids are going to have such a great time together. I'm praying that they'll get a super great job offer here and then buy a house in our neighbourhood, and our kids can go to the same school, we can go for runs together, and and and ... the plans are endless. I can't wait!

I've been working a good amount at the university. I started to also help out in the Biology department. (normally I've been in the Fine Arts dept.) That is nice and the way it is scheduled is pretty flexible, even better.

I told you that I hurt my ankle a while back, well...the stinkin' thing is still not great. I ran to the video store with my friend Sarah the other night (not far) and my ankle was moving like I imagine a prosthetic attachment would. So not cool. What 'lesson' should I be taking from this? That hasn't become clear yet. I'll let you know when it hits me!

Our 'sure thing' Saturday night friends, welcomed into the world their first little precious baby; Hunter Justin ~ He is the sweetest, little softest cutie pie around! (I can't say 'ever'...only because I have my own three...not quite so little now.) We will pray for their 'double sleep' for the nights to come.

My friend Tracey, has the roundest (cutest) ball for a tummy, just waiting to pop her ('their' ~ she has a Shane : )) own first born out into the world. It's pretty fun all these babies around.

Hmmmm...did I tell you that my sister is coming! : )

My friend Kelly will be home soon from a missions trip to Mexico. I can't wait to see her and hear her tales of adventure. 'boyfriend' and I just celebrated our 11th Anniversary! Wahoo to us! He took me to our favourite anniversary restaurant 'Il Terrazzo'. We went there the night he proposed to me, we sat outside on the terrace then as we did again the other night. Like a movie moment 12 years ago when we were there a little birdie ( the 'ie' is for the fact that it was a very small bird) came down and sat on the back of a chair right next to us and was walking around on the ground near my boyfriends sweater. Now if you know my guy you will wonder why on earth he had a sweater...even on the coldest day in winter he would love to have the window down when he drives. So, I too wondered why he had a sweater, I was trying SOOOO hard not to assume that there was a little box in that sweater with a little something gold and shinny! (A surprise...I've never had one of those 'AFVideo' moments where the person is shaking, squeals and falls down in a faint..I try not to let my mind wonder...I really do.) We had a really great evening, dinner at a really great place and then to a really romantic (?) movie...Spiderman 3! Heeehee.

I'm thinking of some more stuff to tell you ... but I think that I'm rambling so will leave you with that. Have a great Victoria day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm a workin' girl now...(o.k. only for 3 weeks straight) p.s. My LEG!?

I've had a few 'sweet' friends remind me that it has been a terribly long time since there has been any new action on my 'blog'. I took a three week 'fill-in' position where I work for holiday relief...I can't wait for the BIG paycheck! Whooo. Anyways, I've been crazy busy...I think that is over used, but it's true. My problem is that I've been working everyday and still doing all my extra fun evening stuff. Plus I'm trying to accomplish one of my goals by running the TC 10KM at the end of the month. That takes a bit of planning, I'm not 18 anymore. Yes, it's true. : ) And I'm ... O.K. with it. For real and for true.

Ok so this 'post' has been in the works for a little while. It's not glamorous, not funny (sorry Dayna) but it's a little fill in for what I've been doing. And most recently, my stinkin' leg is bothering me AGAIN! Yes, the same leg, of course. But, I'm not going to whine about it (yet!)I'll see how it goes in the next week and a half. Yikes, it's coming quick.
~ Brendan had his first lacrosse game, very fun.
~ Andrew and Brendan had their first Spring Cross Country race; very exciting, they both did very well. (I don't know if you've ever seen one of these races but it's a TOTAL gong show!)
~ Chloe is learning 'Punjammie' words in class, and about their culture.

Everyone is good and we can't wait for the warm sunny days! (AND Rhonda and her little family have booked their flights home!! Yeehaw! Only 8 weeks to go.)

Monday, March 19, 2007

She's a 'Maneater'

Here's my smallest dancer. (Sorry the lighting is so poor!) Just a little fun at our house on a rainy Monday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of our Saturdays

So here's a snip of what we do on a Saturday.... you can add another game, a couple of Birthday parties, and two lacrosse events and there you have it. So for anyone who wonders why our yard looks like it could use a bit of love and attention.... you're Right!! I figure that when we are 'empty nesters' we will have the time then to make our yard look like I imagine it should. But until that time comes, we will continue to drink hot chocolate on the sidelines and giggle at how good 'they' are at sports.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So I haven't posted anything new in a while...we have done some fun stuff, but what has consumed our mental energy has been a problem with WATER! The joys of owning a home, dealing with the problems. A few weeks ago the CRD phoned and said that our bill that was about to be sent out was over $500.00...and they suspect that we have a leek from our main water pipe to our house. Great. So here we are a couple weeks later, front yard dug up, new pipe put in, and we are waiting to see just how much our bill for this repair will be. I was saying how I'd so much rather spend that money on painting our house, or adding on to the entrance, or updating our bathtub, or extending our deck, get the point. So there you have it, not funny, not exciting, just blah.

{Some days there's just something not quite right....}